Electric Orpheus 10 @ Artnewscafe

20 April 2019

Line Up


ŠećeЯ /Varaždin, Croatia/ is a solo project by Tena Rak (Vlasta Popic, Seine). ŠećeЯ (šećer) on Croatian means sugar and it is a drug, escape and consolation. And it tastes good. The new album will be out in 2017.

Los Aquarius

Los Aquarius trio is the brainchild of Svetlo Stoilov aka Pepe Sanchezz, piano. He gathers some top jazz heads in Plovdiv to play original Latin jazz material plus some hot classics.


Martin Panchev aka TApWATER is a DJ from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. As a connoisseur of anything trashy, his punk aesthetics show regardless of the direction he chooses on the spot. Be it techno, disco or garage rock’n’roll. TApWATER is a frequent one on of the best independent radio stations, XRaydio.


Denitza aka good vibes is a DJ from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. She selects music true to her moto “good vibes only” – a mix from the latest alternative electronic music, from indie, RnB to synth and new wave.