Electric Orpheus 11 @ Villa Yustina

21 - 22 June 2019

Line Up

Ouzo Bazooka

Тhe undisputed champions of the middle eastern psych rock are here with “Transporter”, their 3rd LP, released in January 2019. Ouzo Bazooka, formed in 2013 in Tel Aviv, Israel, combine an exotic blend of middle eastern sounds and scales, moulded together with fuzzed psychedelic surf rock and garage. It’s like Black Sabbath woke up at Scheherazade’s palace. The perfect soundtrack for your desert soul searching adventure.


Monovine are coming to shake your grunge brains. The rock trio from Athens, Greece, formed in 2008, is intense, loud, raw and hungry. Sweeping guitars, mercilessly beating drums and contrasting lyrics. “D.Y.E”, their new 3rd full length album, released in November 2018, is a carefully orchestrated dance between the nihilistic self-reflection and the trippy daydreams of a “wasted generation”.


We gonna ride the biggest Balkan surf wave together with Moussaka. This mad quartet from Belgrade, Serbia has 4 EPs, a spicy blend of surf music and Balkan pop-folk hymns of the 20th century. Instrumental, Surf Rock, Balkan, Folk, Punk, Americana… Moussaka is a never-ending rock’n’roll party with high energy and lots of fun.

The Young Shaven

The Young Shaven will bring a blend of energetic and danceable post-punk. This international outfit, based in Istanbul, Turkey, combines the good-time rhythm section of bands like E.S.G with the grit and charm of early Stooges. Еmbracive lyrics and spirited stage presence aiming to connect with the audience.

Alex Kelman

Siberian artist and music producer Alex Kelman’s musical output is a mixture of beautifully noisy guitars, catchy dance beats and arresting synths, layered with captivating vocals. Alex is on the road again with his new album “U17”. The new material push the ideas of saving true human relationships in the strange time of global nets and the emptiness in between.

Doesn’t Frogs

Doesn’t Frogs is a noise rock’n’roll trio from Sofia, Bulgaria. Loud, dark and euphoric. After the release of Egotripping EP from 2015 and the album Afterlife from 2017, the band will hit us with a new EP in May 2019. We can’t wait. Always fresh and with their high energy and crazy live performances Doesn’t Frogs are definitely one of the acts from Bulgaria you should see live.

Chongi & The Smokers

Chongi & The Smokers is a garage rock trio from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Local hero Nick Chongi is a competitive ski racer and a kitesurf lover. The other two boys, Mingera and Chichi, love to smoke and gig. Sports and Rock’N’Roll. Guitar, bass and drums, high energy riffs in a pop structure. The debut album “Out Of Tune” will be out in March 2019 and the boys are hitting the road.


Nixxon is coming to take us straight to Space, dancing! Nikolaj Birgens, aka Nixxon, is a Copenhagen based producer, DJ and musician. A heavy record digger, he has a sweet love for synth, new wave, EBM, italo and cosmic electro. Check out his recent release for Mechatronica and get ready to dance.

André Pahl

Dive deep and set your soul on a voyage into the mysterious. André Pahl is a German artist, based in Berlin, best known for his Safari mixes series. He cut his teeth in Mexico City’s lunatic music scene while living there for some years, co-running the label Nuevos Ricos. Seemingly always on the move,  André Pahl carefully defines a new danceable music tone that oscillates between voodoo percussions, disco soul and psychedelic desert trips.


Welcoming DJ set by XRaydio founder and proud owner Zac (Zdravo) Kuzmanov.  Zac is best known as the front man in Ultra Grand Supreme, the bass and guitar player in Jim Jones’ power garage trio Black Moses and for his latest project with singer/song writer Mel Garside, Moontwin. XRaydio is an independent radio station from Plovdiv, BG. Though often eclectic XRaydio’s core focus lies on Garage Rock, Vintage Soul and Rock & Roll.

Lilya Lynch

Get your afternoon kick with a dose of new disco, electro, new wave. A Dj set by Lilya Lynch.

Nearly dog

Daytime trippin with cool and exotic tunes. A DJ set by Nearly dog. Afro, Caribbean, Latin, Balkan, Middle Eastern… Relax and enjoy the sunshine upon the land of Orpheus.

Boombox Sunrise

The night is short, the day is young and the herbs are strong… It’s close to Enyovden. Greet the Sun with a selection of tracks from unexpected curators. Both mornings. Location: close to the bars where the party never sleeps.


Wine tour and tasting
Bike rides
Vinyl market
Merch and T-shirt spot
Board games
Activities for kids

Additional Info

  • Arranged transport form and to Plovdiv (time schedule will be announced soon)
  • Free camping and showers
  • Children under 18 get in free
  • Check the map below for exact location
  • Facebook event here. <-


All Tickets - 2 euro