Electric Orpheus 2022

May 27-28

This time we are doing our main festival event for 2022 in the city of Plovdiv. Two days of live music and party grooves – rock`n`roll, psychedelic, grunge, post -punk, industrial, cold wave, electro, synth-pop… you name it. Get your kicks from the best contemporary artists that will electrify the lyre of Orpheus. 

Coming Up

New Candys

 “New Candys sound like something between The Stooges and The Jesus And Mary Chain. Super wild and super cool.”

New Candys are back! Their new album “Vyvyd”, fourth in a row, was released in June 2021 and finally we gonna witness it live. Hailing from Venice, Italy and formed in 2008. Described as dark modern rock’n’roll, the band combines noisy, brooding sounds with distinct melodies while displaying a dynamic and symbiotic connection between their music and meticulously crafted visual imagery.



“These psych-rockers were demolition machines in their previous life and now they’ve come to take revenge.”

Bazooka melds 1960s mini skirt swinging melodies with manic rock n’ roll riffs and desert acid psychedelia. Bazooka were formed in Volos, Greece in 2008 and since then they are based in Athens. The band have toured around Europe several times and around the United States. To make their sound even more interesting, they have started writing their songs entirely in Greek. Bazooka have released five EPs and three studio albums: “Bazooka” (2012), “Useless Generation” (2016), “Zero Hits” (2019).

Strawberry Pills

“Dark sound that reveals a seductive experience of fiction, horror and romance.”

The Athenian duo explore the full spectrum of the dark sound and create tracks inspired mainly by the 80’s minimal movement and post punk, with a few electric and goth elements added. Strawberry Pills have released their debut album “Murder to a Beat” in November 2020 through Inner Ear Records. The songs hypnotize the listener with deep and penetrating vocals on top of dark electro, minimal wave and coldwave mixture.

Previous Shows


“Straight to Space, dancing.”

Nixxon is coming to take us straight to Space, dancing. Again! Nikolaj Birgens, aka Nixxon, is a Copenhagen based producer, DJ and musician. A heavy record digger, he has a sweet love for synth, new wave, EBM, italo and cosmic electro. We all remember the last time he was around and spinning those records. An experience that takes you to another dimension, and you pray to stay there forever.


“Spicy rhythms, rhymes and synth lines. Neat pants are not a party.”

Лютеница (Lutenitsa) is the artistic name of Roberta Dimana. A visual artist with a strong connection to music, she sets no boundaries and recreates moods, pictures and sounds. Born in Montana, Bulgaria, now living in Sofia, Lutenitsa takes us on an up-to-date urban journey. Beats that taste like 80’s and 90’s, electro-synth lines, vocals and rhymes in Bulgarian, visuals – all mixed to the point of perfect spiciness.


“Synth-tinged coldwave theatrics and intense electronics.”

Teatre is a project of intense electronics active since 2018, led solely by Viktoras Urbaitis from Kaunas, Lithuania. Veering from techno to industrial hybrids to synth-tinged coldwave theatrics, Teatre has released several albums and EPs, including 2021’s “Vociferate”, and is operating both as a DJ and performer of club-oriented live sets in and around Lithuanian venues.


“A blissful journey into another dimension.”

heptagram is a 4 piece band, the indie/space rock platform of Bulgarian multi-instrumentalist Daniel Ivanov. Heptagram’s music has often been described by many as a blissful journey into another dimension, a flawless mix between space rock, romantic pop, prog rock, ambient and psychedelic. After three previous releases ( 2007, 2012, 2018), in November 2020 the band put out their latest studio album ‘Larval’ and we can’t wait to hear it live.


“Garage rock and hyper pop paired with high level youth energy and perspective. Invite them to your house.”

Snade is a post-punk/grunge/alternative rock group from Plovdiv, Bulgaria, formed in 2017. The band’s name comes from an imaginary creature, a snail with a cat’s head, that possesses the minds of its subordinates. The snail-cat will materialize live at Electric Orpheus presenting the band’s debut album “No Connection”, expected to be out just a few days prior to the event. The album will be in a bilingual style – 5 songs in native Bulgarian and 5 in English. Follow the adventures of this imaginary creature throughout its journey into the world of music.


“Psychy punky goodness from the UK.”

Klen have only been around for a few months but have already been causing massive shockwaves with their mad energetic shows supporting the likes of Snapped Ankles among others. Catch them while you can as they’re bound to go stratospheric soon.

and More TBA

Programme / Schedule

Петък, 27 май / Врати: 18:00 часа | Friday, May 27 / Doors: 18:00

18:00 – 20:00 | Iggy Popov / BG / DJ Set
20:00 – 21:00 | heptagram / BG / Live
21:00 – 22:00 | Bazooka / GR / Live
22:00 – 23:00 | Лютеница /BG/ Live
23:00 – 24:00 | Strawberry Pills / GR / Live
24:00 – 03:00 | Teatre / LT / Live Electronics + DJ Set

Събота, 28 май / Врати: 16:00 | Saturday, May 28 / Doors: 16:00

16:00 – 19:00 | jOObba / BG / DJ Set
19:00 – 20:00 | Snade / BG / Live
20:00 – 21:00 | Klen /UK/ Live
21:00 – 22:00 | Yo No Se / UK / Live
22:00 – 23:30 | New Candys / IT / Live
23:30 – 03:00 | Nixxon / DK / DJ Set


We’re limiting the capacity to a 1000 people.
We put health and safety first. Hope to see each other in great shape at the event and share exciting moments together.

Thank you!


Early Bird (until 1 of April): Full Pass: BGN 45. One Day Pass: BGN 30. Only 180 tickets on sale.
First Wave (until 1 of May): Full Pass: BGN 60. One Day Pass: BGN 40
Second Wave (until 26 of May): Full Pass: BGN 65. One Day Pass: BGN 45
On the spot: Full Pass: BGN 70. One Day Pass: BGN 50

The profit from the festival will be donated as a humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine.

Аll Ukrainian citizens enter for free – after an email request.

Buy Tickets Here / Ticket Link: https://epaygo.bg/2668557784

Prizes & Giveaways

Get the chance to win many prizes and valuable gifts throughout our regular giveaways on Facebook.
Be with us, support the artists, invite friends to the event. In this way they could share the joy with you and maybe win something too.
After all, we all will win on the spot after those notes and beats start to kick in.

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