24 June 2017

Line Up

A Victim of Society

A Victim of Society /Athens, Greece/ is a psychedelic rock’n’roll trio. New album Freaktown out on April 26, 2017 through Inner Ear Records. The sound of rock psychedelia pushed into high gear!

Doesn't Frogs

Doesn’t Frogs /Sofia, Bulgaria/ is a noise rock’n’roll trio. They released Egotripping EP in 2015 and the new album Afterlife will be out in May, 2017. Loud and noisy, dark and euphoric!


ŠećeЯ /Varaždin, Croatia/ is a solo project by Tena Rak (Vlasta Popic, Seine). ŠećeЯ (šećer) on Croatian means sugar and it is a drug, escape and consolation. And it tastes good. The new album will be out in 2017.


Audieu /Istanbul, Turkey/: DJ Set and solo performance by Hakan Turan. Exotica, idm, minimal and the own compositions of Audieu.


XRaydio – the free one stop shop for raw sweaty high octane rock’n’roll. And much much more. XRaydio is the illegitimate love child of Zac Kuzmanov aka Jonny Fiasco of Black Moses/ Ultra Grand Supreme fame.