21 July 2017

Line Up

The Black Swells

Garage-r’n’r-revival trio from Sofia, Bulgaria. Following their EP Dead Lovers Club, they released their debut album The Quiet Life in May this year. The Black Swells are into rockin’ live performances based on their motto: Guitars, Chicks, Drinks and Good Weather.

Manu Louis

Manu Louis collides the exotic and glamorous pop music of his youth with the tacky sounds of native folk trash he always tried his best to ignore: brass bands, Eurodance, industrial trance and wedding entertainers. A multicultural bricolage of found sounds, gleeful instrumentation and creative vocal samples: stitching together his influences of pop, classical, experimental music and jazz.


RoboKnob is a techno act from Sofia, Bulgaria whose Live sets explore straight forward and hard hitting techno in at-the-spot compositions. Established in 2015 by Iasen Georgiev aka Z3n and Stanislav Genadiev aka Hypnos. In 2017 they released Dexydi EP through Berlin based label Macro.

Miroslava Zahova

Miroslava Zahova is a contemporary dance performer based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Inspired by the beauty and mystics of the nature around the Village of Ustina she will present a modern reading of the myth of Semele and her son, Dionysus, the god of wine and fertility.

Hot club de Plovdiv

Hot club de Plovdiv are oriented towards the roots of gypsy jazz and its greatest ancestor, Django Reinhardt and his legacy from the 30s of the past century. They are a dynamic and intriguing project that takes us back to the golden years of European jazz. Swing it!


XRaydio – the free one stop shop for raw sweaty high octane rock’n’roll. And much much more. XRaydio is the illegitimate love child of Zac Kuzmanov aka Jonny Fiasco of Black Moses/ Ultra Grand Supreme fame.


x2805 (aka хелиос двайсосемнулапет) is a DJ from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Mainly inspired by house and techno but quite eclectic, he never stops searching for an inspiration. x2805 will present a tribal house set at Electric Orpheus July edition.

Linear Output

Linear Output (Yordan Grozdanov) is a DJ from Sofia, Bulgaria, part of the [бетон] collective.