23 June 2018

Line Up

Calibro 35

Italian cinematic funk heroes Calibro 35 celebrate their 10th anniversary with the release their new studio album “Decade”. Mixed and recorded by Calibro’s Grammy Award winner Tommaso Colliva, the new album has all the makings and subtle complexities of a timeless masterpiece. Active since 2008, Calibro 35 enjoys a worldwide reputation as one of the coolest independent band around.


Seine is a romantic punk-folk trio from Croatia. Rising from the ashes of pop-noise collective Vlasta Popic, Seine have quickly established themselves as one of the most exciting Balkan bands of recent.

Neopit Pilski

From Hamburg, a Bulgarian-German connection personified by the much loved Rock’n’Roll duo Neopit Pilski. Gently dissonant guitar music with post-punk and garage power, and lyrics in Bulgarian.


Weird pulsating electronics meet passionate drums. Subact is a duo from Dresden bringing a hybrid of styles. From 303 Detroit techno synth lines to dubstep twists, ambient landscapes and more. Two musicians sending waves from the heart to the soul, to the feet.

Fumus & Nebula

Fumus & Nebula is a live electronic duo from Lüneburg, Germany. Analogue synth vibes to make you dance. Fumus & Nebula solid affection for gear always leads to mind blowing battles between them and their machines.