Gaff E - Interview for Electric Orpheus

Published: 10.10.2018

From Australia we had the high-energy psychedelic butterfly Gaff E. She came to Plovdiv, did a crazy show in a mall, cooked at the place she was staying at, walked around the city and bought a ski suit from a second hand shop.

So when did the transformation into Gaff E occur and what made it necessary?

I was nicknamed Gaffy when I was fourteen by friends at school and the name has stuck ever since! I morphed into Gaff E as my stage name when I was twenty one. My boyfriend back then Thomas Bullock was the one who gave me a drum machine, showed me how to use it and helped me record my first five tracks in his backyard studio upstate NYC. When we decided making music and performing was the way forward for me, he suggested I just stick with my name, and so MC Gaff E was born!

Any particular meaning behind the name?

My surname is Gaffiero. I was always hanging with the boys when I was in school so I was always called by my surname which then became Gaffy for short!

Who inspired the persona. And is it just a persona? Has Gaff E completely taken over at this point?

I’m just myself ALL of the time. A total cosmic weirdo off stage and on. There is no off button for me. I am just grateful I get to excerise and release demons on stage in a wild wild way.


Nina Hagen, Grace Jones, Noel Fielding, David Bowie, Peaches and Jonny Woo inspire me.

Best and worst gigs and why?

Best gig was in Tokyo at a party called Fancy Him where all of the crowd had THE BEST looks on their faces from the moment I walked on stage.

They looked at me like they were meeting some kind of god… Ultimate enthusiasm and the biggest happy faces ever! They were singing along the whole way too really loud like it was karaoke. SO GOOD! Worst gig ever was in Bali where some dude in the front started booing very loudly BEFORE we even got on stage. He continued to boo for the first four songs. I can’t believe security didn’t drag his ass out. I’ve got two words… Party Pooper. Preferable direction the music and party scene should go to so we can add more quality and love into our lives? Cosmic disco is the way forward!

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Photo credit:
Evan Fowler / Nixi Killick / Jose Vigers / Nick Bone